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Your Consultant is  Anne Ramos @ Buy Me Scents

My Story

HI!   My name is Anne Ramos.  My family and I just moved to Louisville, Kentucky from Alamogordo, New Mexico, though I am from Omaha, Nebraska and my husband is from Brooklyn, New York.  We are your typical Army family, moving to new and exciting places every few years.  One day, we will get tired of it!  Until then, we enjoy all the new things we encounter along the way.  We have two boys, Aidan, 13 and Gunnar, 7 years.  My family is my life. Both oldest son attends Meredith Dunn School and my youngest is at St Edwards. We spend all of our time at football, golf, school fundraisers, or just spending time with our friends. 

I stopped working full time a few months after Gunnar was born.  Scentsy is how I made it all possible.  I started working full time when he was about 2 years old and have since world at 2 Fortune 500 companies, including a large meat processing plant. I am now the U.S. Health and Safety Manger for an international lifestyle company. We make proteins shakes, dietary supplements and distribute all of it, plus a plethora of other health and beauty products.

I work my full time job, hard! I do the mom thing, hard! And still manage my Scentsy company. That is what is so great about Scentsy.  Its so much fun, its not even work!

Doing 5 things at once, has never been enough for me.  I started working as an Independent Consultant for Scentsy, as a means to make extra money, selling the things that I enjoy in my own home.  Not only are the scents amazing and the warmers are beautiful, but they are safe for my kids.  

If you are interested in a purchase, in hosting a party and getting your purchase for free (or greatly reduced) or even starting your own small business, contact me today!  I can help make it all happen for you!

As always, my family and I THANK YOU for supporting our small business!!